Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Saltzman Says...Charitable Barry Bonds at it again

Barry Bonds never liked the media and never cared what his public perception was.  Most of that stemmed from the inconsistent treatment his father Bobby Bonds received over his career.  Bonds has always been a very charitable person and that is something he has kept very private.

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As a Giant, Bonds was always rumored to be this amazingly generous man when it came to charities or people that he cared about and would always go above and beyond what was "expected."  For example, there were several stories that during Sue Burns final days, Bonds was by her side almost daily.  Burns, one of several part owners of the Giants, became a very close friend of Bonds. 

With all of the clouds around Barry for what he did, what he allegedly did and what he didn't do, it is clear that Bonds was concerned with doing the right things off the field.  While he might not have had time for autographs like others at the ballpark, he never had a problem giving those type of gifts to people in need.  The Stow's children is an example of that.  They now own an autographed bat and glove by the All-Time Home Run King.

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