Sunday, December 18, 2011

Saltzman Says... Organizational Depth Chart (Jan. 12, 2012 Edition)

San Francisco's Updated Organizational Depth Chart: (1/12/12 Edition)

Right Handed Pitchers:
RHSP Matt Cain (ML)
RHRP Santiago Casilla (ML)
RHRP Steve Edlefson (ML)
RHSP Tim Lincecum (ML)
RHRP Guillermo Mota (ML)
RHRP Sergio Romo (ML)
RHSP Ryan Vogelsong (ML)
RHRP Brian Wilson (ML)
RHRP Boof Bonser (Invite to Spring Training)
RHP Dan Ortero (Fresno Grizzlies/40 Man)
RHP Josh Banks (Fresno Grizzlies)
RHP Casey Daigle (Fresno Grizzlies)
RHP Andrew Kown (Fresno Grizzlies)
RHRP Marc Kroon (Fresno Grizzlies)
RHP Shane Loux (Fresno Grizzlies)
RHP Scott Munter (Fresno Grizzlies)
RHP Ronnie Ray (Fresno Grizzlies)
RHP Felix Romero (Fresno Grizzlies)
RHP Hector Correa (Richmond Flying Squirrels/40 Man)
RHP Justin Fitzgerald (Richmond Flying Squirrels)
RHRP Heath Hembree (Richmond Flying Squirrels)
RHP Mitch Lively (Richmond Flying Squirrels)
RHP Daryl Maday (Richmond Flying Squirrels)
RHP Edwin Quirarte (Richmond Flying Squirrels)
RHSP Jake Dunning (San Jose Giants)
RHP Jacob Dunnington (San Jose Giants)
RHP Stephen Harrold (San Jose Giants)
RHSP Chris Heston (San Jose Giants)
RHSP Michael Main (San Jose Giants)
RHP Osris Matos (San Jose Giants)
RHP Andy Reichard (San Jose Giants)
RHP Jose Valdez (San Jose Giants)
RHSP Craig Westcott (San Jose Giants)
RHP Chris Wilson (San Jose Giants)
RHP Brett Bochy (Augusta Green Jackets)
RHP Drew Bowlin (Augusta Green Jackets)
RHP Edward Concepcion (Augusta Green Jackets)
RHP Austin Fleet (Augusta Green Jackets)
RHP Taylor Rogers (Augusta Green Jackets)
RHP Seth Rosin (Augusta Green Jackets)
RHP Shawn Sanford (Augusta Green Jackets)
RHP Justin Schumer (Augusta Green Jackets)
RHP Jeremy Toole (Augusta Green Jackets)
RHP Brandon Allen (Salem-Keizer Volcanoes)
RHP Wilber Bucardo (Salem-Keizer Volcanoes)
RHP Brennan Flick (Salem-Keizer Volcanoes)
RHP Kendry Flores (Salem-Keizer Volcanoes)
RHP Matthew Graham (Salem-Keizer Volcanoes)
RHP Cody Hall (Salem-Keizer Volcanoes)
RHP Cameron Lamb (Salem-Keizer Volcanoes)
RHP Rafael Martinez (Salem-Keizer Volcanoes)
RHP Lorenzo Mendoza (Salem-Keizer Volcanoes)
RHP Reinier Roibal (Salem-Keizer Volcanoes)
RHP Stephen Shackleford (Salem-Keizer Volcanoes)
Left Handed Pitchers:
LHP Jeremy Affeldt (ML)
LHP Madison Bumgarner (ML)
LHP Javier Lopez (ML)
LHP Dan Runzler (ML)
LHP Erik Surkamp (ML)
LHP Barry Zito (ML)
LHP Brian Burres (Invite to Spring Training)
LHP Matt Yourkin (Fresno Grizzlies)
LHP Justin Dowdy (Fresno Grizzlies)
LHP Geno Espineli (Fresno Grizzlies)
LHP Craig Clark (Richmond Flying Squirrels)
LHP Chuck Lofgren (Richmond Flying Squirrels)
LHP David Quinowski (Richmond Flying Squirrels)
LHP Wilmin Rodriguez (Richmond Flying Squirrels)
LHP Chris Gloor (San Jose Giants)
LHSP Kelvin Marte (San Jose Giants)
LHP Ari Ronick (San Jose Giants)
LHP Tom Vessella (San Jose Giants)
LHP Ryan Bradley (Augusta Green Jackets)
LHP Michael Kickham (Augusta Green Jackets)
LHP Mario  Rodriguez (Augusta Green Jackets)
LHP Gaspar Santiago (Augusta Green Jackets)
LHP Aaron King (Salem-Keizer Volcanoes)
LHP Phil McCormick (Salem-Keizer Volcanoes)
LHP Jack Snodgrass (Salem-Keizer Volcanoes)

C Buster Posey (ML)
C Hector Sanchez (ML) 
C Chris Stewart (ML)
C Eli Whiteside (ML)
C Jackson Williams (Fresno Grizzlies)
C Max Ramirez (Fresno Grizzlies)
C Aaron Lowenstein (Richmond Flying Squirrels)
C Johnny Monell (Richmond Flying Squirrels)
C Eliezer Zambrano (Richmond Flying Squirrels)
C Tommy Joseph (San Jose Giants)
C Alex Burg (San Jose Giants)
C Jesus Navarro (San Jose Giants)
C Jeff Arnold (Augusta Green Jackets)
C Daniel Burkhart (Salem-Keizer Volcanoes)
C Mike Murray (Salem-Keizer Volcanoes)
C Joseph Staley (Salem-Keizer Volcanoes)
First Baseman:
1B Aubrey Huff (ML)
1B Brandon Belt (ML) 
1B Brett Pill (ML)
1B Angel Villalona (???/40 Man)
1B Wes Hodges (Richmond Flying Squirrels)
1B Luke Anders (San Jose Giants)
1B Josh Mazzola (Augusta Green Jackets)
1B Ryan Scoma (Augusta Green Jackets)
1B Brice Cutspec (Salem-Keizer Volcanoes)
Second Baseman:
2B Manny Burris (ML)
2B Mike Fontenot (ML)
2B Freddy Sanchez (ML) 
2B Brock Bond (Fresno Grizzlies)
2B Charlie Culberson (Richmond Flying Squirrels/40 Man)
2B Ryan Lormand (Richmond Flying Squirrels)
2B Ryan Covan (San Jose Giants)
2B Juan Ciriaco (San Jose Giants)
2B Carlos Willoughby (Augusta Green Jackets)
2B Kaohi Downing (Salem-Keizer Volcanoes)
2B Julio Izturis (Salem-Keizer Volcanoes)
Third Baseman:
3B Pablo Sandoval (ML)
3B Conor Gillaspie (Fresno Grizzlies/40 Man)
3B Chris Dominguez (Richmond Flying Squirrels) 
3B Drew Biery (Richmond Flying Squirrels)
3B Nick Noonan (San Jose Giants) 
3B Jose Flores (San Jose Giants)
3B Adam Duvall (Augusta Green Jackets)
3B Garrett Buechele (Salem-Keizer Volcanoes)
SS Brandon Crawford (ML)
SS Joaquin Arias (???)
SS Sharlon Schoop (Richmond Flying Squirrels)
SS Ehire Adrianza (San Jose Giants/40 Man)
SS Carter Jurica (San Jose Giants)
SS Bobby Haney (Augusta Green Jackets)
SS Ydwin Villegas  (Augusta Green Jackets)
SS Joel Weeks (Augusta Green Jackets)
SS John Eshleman (Salem-Keizer Volcanoes)
SS Joseph Panik (Salem-Keizer Volcanoes)
LF Melky Cabrera (ML)
OF Justin Christian (ML)
CF Angel Pagan (ML)
RF Nate Schierholtz (ML)
OF Tyler Graham (Fresno Grizzlies/40 Man)
OF Justin Christian (Fresno Grizzlies)
OF Brad Eldred (Fresno Grizzlies) 
OF Edgar Gonzalez (Fresno Grizzlies)
RF Roger Kieschnick (Richmond Flying Squirrels/40 Man)
CF Francisco Peguero (Richmond Flying Squirrels/40 Man)
LF Wendell Fairley (Richmond Flying Squirrels) 
CF Juan Perez (Richmond Flying Squirrels)
LF Skyler Stromsmoe (Richmond Flying Squirrels)
OF Gary Brown (San Jose Giants)
OF Jarrett Parker (San Jose Giants)
OF James Simmons (San Jose Giants)
OF Raynor Campbell (Augusta Green Jackets)
LF Dan Cook (Augusta Green Jackets)
LF Devin Harris (Augusta Green Jackets)
CF Chris Lofton (Augusta Green Jackets)
RF Ryan Lollis (Augusta Green Jackets)
LF Rafael Rodriguez (Augusta Green Jackets)
CF Jesus Galindo (Salem-Keizer Volcanoes)
OF Ryan Honeycutt (Salem-Keizer Volcanoes)
OF Charles Jones (Salem-Keizer Volcanoes)
OF Brett Krill (Salem-Keizer Volcanoes)
OF Leonardo Ochoa (Salem-Keizer Volcanoes)
OF Shawn Payne (Salem-Keizer Volcanoes)
Designated Hitters
DH Tyler LaTorre (Fresno Grizzlies)  
DH Nick Liles (San Jose Giants)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Saltzman Says...two sides to every Warrior

Warriors are entering a new season with a new owner, new asst. general manager, new head coach, and some new players.  Optimism is in the air like the smell of old converse sneakers in the old run down gym used to shoot the movie Hoosiers.

As a season ticket holder since 2005, I cannot share the optimism.  However, here is the best case scenario and worst case scenario for each player this season.

PG Stephen Curry
Positive:  He is entering his third season, and usually that is when a young point guard can really blossom.  He has improved several parts of his game, and as the unquestioned leader of the team, he can elevate even further with a more disciplined approach to defense.  Becomes one of the best PG's in the game.

Negative: He is undersized for PG on both ends of the floor, and he is never able to defend his position.  He regresses as a passer and struggles to run the offense.  Ends up a 2nd unit 2 guard like Jason Terry or Ben Gordon or J.J. Redick, instead of an elite PG.

SG Monta Ellis
Positive: He doesn't care about anything but winning.  He becomes the NBA steals leader without sacrificing the lane again and again.  He becomes a solid defender, and continues to be deadly from 18'.  His three point shot improves, and he gets to the free throw line more with his takes to the basket.

Negatives: The trade rumors continue, the turmoil with management never heals, he is sent packing and never lives up to his full potential in Oakland.  Worse, he stays here, but stays a shoot first, shoot second 2 guard with no defense to be proud of and never goes to the line.

SF Dorell Wright
Positives: He continues to be one of the best 3 point shooters in the game, but his defense is the centerpiece of Mark Jackson's team.  He is able to stabilize Kobe, LeBron, and Dirk at different times during the year, and his defense makes him one of the best all around players in the league.

Negatives: He becomes nothing more than an outside shooter.  His defense falters and he becomes a liability as the starting 3.

PF David Lee
Positives: His grit and toughness evolves into production on the defensive end, and his hustle and hard work allows him to lead the league in offensive rebounds.  His double double's help lead the team on both ends of the floor.

Negatives: His offense becomes nothing more than an occasional elbow jumper.  He becomes a stat collector for rebounds and never grabs a hustle rebound or gets a key put back.  His money becomes a strain on the team's finances and they can't bring in an impact player for several years.

C Andris Biedrins
Positives: His double double's come back, as he gets back to using his quickness to get to the glass without fear of the free throw line.  His defense gets even better as he solidifies the back end of the defense.  His free throw shot improves with dedication.

Negatives: His game is shot, his toughness is permanently gone, and he becomes a $9 million lump on the end of the bench.


PG Charles Jenkins
Positives: He gets added to the long list of New York City PG's who flourish in the NBA.  He gets points in the paint and makes great passes on the offensive end, and holds his own on defense.

Negatives: He can't get accustomed to the NBA, and struggles with turnovers and his defense at the next level.

SG/SF Klay Thompson
Positives: Becomes a seamless transition to the NBA, much like Stephen Curry, with his NBA lineage.  His shot keeps him earning minutes, and his points per game helps lead a young bench to a much improved season.

Negatives: Can't hang on the defensive end with his size and lack of elite quickness and he can't get his own shot at the NBA level.

PF Ekpe Udoh
Positives: His defense anchors the 2nd unit and he becomes a relentless rebounder and shot blocker.  He starts to learn the offensive side of the game a little and can put up points with open jumpers.

Negatives: Is a complete non factor on the offensive end, and spends too much time on the bench in foul trouble.  He gets handled by bigger and stronger 4's and can't keep good 4's out of the paint for easy points.

C Kwame Brown
Positives: His defense keeps the rim off limits to the 2nd unit and he earns some starts with his defensive play.  He actually provides 6-8 PPG with put backs and hustle plays and contributes on both ends.

Negatives: He becomes a trade piece at the trade deadline on his one year deal and he has no impact on the offensive end at all.  He becomes a 6 foul defender who can't help at the 5, and leaves Biedrins on the floor way too many minutes a game.  Even worse, Lou Amundson and Biedrins are stuck playing key center minutes because of his inability to play.

PF Lou Amundson
Positives: Great energy guy off the bench who helps the 2nd unit keep the best teams out of the paint and away from 2nd chance points.

Negatives: Becomes a liability on both ends with an inability to score and a inability to defend.

C Jeremy Tyler
Positives: Becomes a force in the middle by the end of the year with his ability on both ends.  Is the steal of the draft with his size and ability.  Can score in the low post and can defend the rim.  No need for Kwame Brown next year because of his growth.

Negatives: Permanent D-League player who never makes it to Oakland.