Monday, June 27, 2011

Saltzman Says...Bochy should bring his arms

With the All-Star game approaching the Giants certainly deserve more than 1 representative.  Since every team must have one representative, it is very possible that some deserving Giants will stay home so other teams can have a player at the game. Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain and Brian Wilson have represented the Giants over the last three seasons, with Lincecum at all three. 

Lincecum is still the best pitcher on arguably the best staff in baseball.  Even with Roy Halladay having the more impressive stats, Lincecum certainly should make his 4th straight appearance. 

The arguments could certainly start here as to who else the Giants should send to Arizona in July.  Both Cain and Wilson have had good years, and with Bochy getting the chance to manage, I can't imagine not seeing the Giant's closer at his third All-Star game.

Cain's numbers aren't necessarily All-Star worthy compared to others around the league, but the Giants have three other members of their staff that certainly could make the argument they belong.  Journeyman Ryan Vogelsong has an ERA below 2 in 11 starts and has been the best pitcher statistically since his call up from Fresno.  Relievers Sergio Romo and Javier Lopez have had closer like success for the Giant's bullpen.  All  three could be options for the Giant's skipper.

Will all six be a part of the mid-summer classic: very unlikely.  However, I could see at least three of the six making the trip.

1. Lincecum
2. Wilson
3. Romo
4. Vogelsong
5. Lopez
6. Cain

Will Wilson earn a 3rd trip to the Midsummer Classic?

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