Monday, April 16, 2012

Saltzman Says...Sabean's Strategery Showing Sure Signs of Success

Six Sure Signs of Success

1. Matt Cain is an Ace
No matter what happens with Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain is signed through 2018.  Regardless of how much money Tim wants, Cain will be here.  That allows the team some leverage in negotiations and does force the hand of Lincecum to perform if he wants more than the $22.5 million he'll make in 2013.

2. 1st Pablo and now Madison
Locking young players up is the easiest way to ensure more cost certainty in the future.  The team did it previously with Cain, and also with Brian Wilson.  Wilson, who's contract is up after the season, actually has a 4th year of arbitration awaiting.  Pablo is signed through his arbitration.  Bumgarner is signed through the first year of his free agency.  Having their salaries locked him could save the team money they might have had to spend to keep them during arbitration, but more importantly, allows them to know what is on their books.

3. 1st Rowand and Huff and then Zito
This year will be interesting because the team might not have any money to spend as they approach the trade deadline, but may have some money next off-season.  Aaron Rowand's $12 million as well as Aubrey Huff's $11 million will both be off the books.  After the team says goodbye to that $23 million, they will finally breathe a sigh of relief the following year when the monstrous 7 year $126 million beast of a contract Barry Zito signed will be gone.  He will make $21 million next season and then the team will pay him $7 million to no longer be a Giant.  That $42 million that is currently devoted to Rowand, Huff and Zito will be gone.

4. The Kids are coming, The Kids are coming...
Freddy Sanchez is making $6 million, Jeremy Affeldt is making $5 million, and Angel Pagan is making $4.5 million. Even if any of these 3 end up having strong years in 2012, they will more than likely be making less in 2013.  It is possible that with the strides being made in the minors by Joe Panik, Heath Hembree and Gary Brown, that the $15.5 million currently devoted to Sanchez, Affeldt and Pagan will turn into $1.2 million to Panik, Hembree and Brown.

5. The Bills will be Paid!
According to Ken Rosenthal of FoxSports, the Giants will no longer owe $20 million a year for AT&T Park after 2017.  So when the Giants are paying Matt Cain $20 million and Madison Bumgarner $12 million, they can afford to pay Lincecum $25 and Buster Posey whatever he will be making.  Same for Pablo Sandoval, Sergio Romo, Brandon Belt, Brandon Crawford, Nate Schierholtz, Gary Brown, Joe Panik, and Heath Hembree.

6. Even more Kids are coming...
Whether it's current 25 man roster contributors like Hector Sanchez and Brett Pill, 40 man roster options like Francisco Peguero and Charlie Culberson or up and comers like Tommy Joseph and Chris Dominguez, the Giants are stockpiled with talent and that will continue because of the scouting department and the staff the team has put together in the minor leagues.  San Jose, Richmond and Fresno are loaded with talent and potential and it will allow the Giants the flexibility to move a player like Zach Wheeler for Carlos Beltran even if it is a 2 month rental because the team has Erik Surkamp or Kyle Crick

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