Monday, April 18, 2011

Saltzman Says...Hire Rick Adelman

Rick Adelman has parted ways with the Houston Rockets.  The Warriors have a good coach in Keith Smart, but the Warriors need a great coach.  The Warriors had Rick Adelman once before, and gave in zero talent the first time he was here.  He admitted as much in the article that good players make good coaches.  However, if we can convince Adelman to come to Oakland, and bring in a big man he can work with, we will have the pieces in place to get to the post-season.  We also might be able to bring in great role players like Chuck Hayes, Shane Battier and even Yao Ming.  Riley talked about bringing in another big man.  Hayes and Ming are among several centers available this off-season.  Riley talked about bringing in another defender on the perimeter, and Shane Battier is certainly the definition of that.  Battier and Dorell Wright locking up the 48 minutes at the small forward would give us a great upgrade.  We also need a third guard, and with the hiring of Bob Myers who knows the league and was the agent for some pretty special big guards like Brandon Roy, Tyreke Evans and great role players like Kendrick Perkins.

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