Friday, April 1, 2011

Saltzman Says...One of the Good Guys Retires

Randy Winn has called it a career

In five years, he won't be entering the Hall of Fame.  They won't be building a statue for him in Seattle or San Francisco or New York.  He wasn't memorable the way that lesser players such as Brian Johnson or Solomon Torres are for better or for worse.  What Winn was represents what is good about baseball.  A Bay Area Native, who played baseball and basketball at Santa Clara, was traded to San Francisco and during his stint with the Giants, was everything they needed him to be.  He was dependable, durable, and versatile.  He hit nearly every spot in the order from 1st through 8th.  He drove in runs when needed, and set the table for bigger bats when asked.  He even dropped to 8th at times to allow younger bats to get a chance to shine.  He was the ultimate team guy.  He will get his plaque at AT&T soon, the same way that former teammates like Rich Aurilia, Robb Nen and Kirk Rueter have.  Giants fans will always cheer his name whenever he is introduced at the park, and he will hopefully join the Giants again in the same way that J.T. Snow, Shawon Dunston, Will Clark, and so many other former Giants have.

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