Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Saltzman Says...2012 Giants new additions??

CF Coco Crisp (Sign as a Free Agent)
2B Freddy Sanchez
3B Pablo Sandoval
C Buster Posey
LF Nelson Cruz (Trade Erik Surkamp/Dan Runzler/Steve Edlefson)
1B Gaby Sanchez (Trade Jonathan Sanchez/Santiago Casilla)
RF Nate Schierholtz
SS Brandon Crawford

Cruz could provide much needed right handed pop at AT&T

Wouldn't you want this guy having your back?

Anyone who closelines Nyjer Morgan is a stud in my book

C Chris Stewart
1B Aubrey Huff
2B Jeff Keppinger
3B Omar Infante (Sign as a Free Agent)
OF Cody Ross (Sign as a Free Agent)
OF Juan Pierre (Sign as a Free Agent)

SP Tim Lincecum
SP Matt Cain
SP Madison Bumgarner
SP Ryan Vogelsong
SP Barry Zito

RP Guillermo Mota
RP Jeremy Affeldt
RP Ramon Ramirez
RP Javier Lopez
RP Sergio Romo
CL Brian Wilson

Instead of bringing Carlos Beltran back, we use his money to re-sign our pitching, and sign Crisp and Infante. We get a true leadoff hitter as a buffer for Gary Brown in a year or two and we get a true utility player to replace the void of Juan Uribe. Juan Pierre gives us a major league hitter with the speed of Darren Ford.

We let Pat Burrell, Mark DeRosa, Eli Whiteside, Mike Fontenot, Andres Torres, Bill Hall, and Manny Burriss go. Cody Ross as well as Aubrey Huff could all be gone before the year ends, if not sooner, if we find better options.

We move 5 good pitchers (Jonathan Sanchez, Santiago Casilla, Erik Surkamp, Steve Edlefson and Dan Runzler) and we get two potent right handed bats in Nelson Cruz and Gaby Sanchez.

Now we can let Brandon Belt get his year in AAA, we can get Pablo and Buster some protection, and we can let Nate Schierholtz and Brandon Crawford's defense stay in the lineup. We can also let Darren Ford go back to AAA, where is bat belongs.

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