Thursday, March 15, 2012

Saltzman Says...Hello Andrew Bogut

The Golden State Warriors have revamped their team with the additions of Andrew Bogut and Richard Jefferson as well as adding two draft picks in the upcoming draft.

If they end up with a top 7 pick, they will have 4 draft picks in which to add many pieces to challenge the incumbent Warriors next year.

No Warrior besides David Lee and Klay Thompson are signed past 2013-14, so there is no commitment to any other player beyond two years.  That allows the Warriors two things.  Patience and flexibility.  In that order.

They don't have the trade pieces anymore to make a major change, and they don't have the salary cap space to make any big free agent splash.

However, if they bring back Brandon Rush, Dominic McGuire and/or Nate Robinson, the majority of their roster next year is accounted for.

The only major difference will be if someone decides to take on Andris Biedrins, Dorell Wright, or Richard Jefferson.

Locked in for next year are the following: [IF HEALTHY]

PG Stephen Curry
SG Klay Thompson
PF David Lee
C Andrew Bogut

Curry and Bogut make that a big if.

Point Guard: Nate Robinson has proven to be a nice addition off the bench.  Rookie Charles Jenkins has shown enough flashes to see why the team liked him enough to let Jeremy Lin go {not the blog entry to get into that turn of events}

Both could be brought back to give Jenkins more time to develop and give the team some scoring off the bench.

PG: Curry, Robinson and Jenkins

Shooting Guard: Brandon Rush needs to be signed beyond this season to remain a Warrior, and the team had an offer on the table to get Chris Kaman if they included Rush, and passed.  That shows he is someone they really like.  If they re-sign him, their isn't any further need at the 2 guard spot.

SG: Thompson and Rush

Small Forward: Richard Jefferson hasn't played a game yet under Mark Jackson, so it is way too early to say if he will be a great fit, a long term answer, or even a starter.  He could start over Dorell Wright, which would allow Wright to contribute off the bench.  Either way, both are expendable if the team lands a top 7 pick in the upcoming draft.  Chris Wright, an end of the bench SF right now, will be a long shot to stay with the club next year.

SF: Jefferson and D. Wright

Power Forward: David Lee is your starting PF for the next several years no matter what.  That being said, Dominic McGuire has certainly proven he is worthy for playing time.  His effort on the boards, ability to play defense on the perimeter, and down low, and his overall hustle, makes him as valuable to this team as anyone.  They may bring in another banger to replace Udoh, but only because McGuire can play multiple positions.

PF: Lee and McGuire

Center: Andrew Bogut can easily become the best center in Warriors history since Nate Thurmond simply by being competent on both ends of the floor.  If Healthy, he can be dominant on either end at times.  This does two things.  It allows Andris Biedrins to simply be a backup despite his salary.  Also, it let's Biedrins become expendable.  An twist in the trades made this week would be if the team brought back Kwame Brown next year to backup Bogut.  Jeremy Tyler is way too raw for any kind of consistent minutes at this level.  He won't be moved to another team because why let him blossom somewhere else.

C: Bogut, Biedrins and Tyler

That leaves three open spots if these 12 players are brought back.

The Warriors currently have 2 guaranteed draft picks, both in the 2nd round, and have two draft picks that are conditional.  Their own, which is Top 7 protected and now the Spurs 1st round pick, which is Top 14 protected.

IF the Warriors end up with 4 draft picks, they will either need to release or trade one of the 12 players above, or simply draft a player that is playing overseas and just obtain his rights.  Regardless, the team looks to have a full 15 man roster next year.

These moves allow the Warriors to be much more balanced next season.

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