Monday, November 29, 2010

Saltzman Says... $44 million reasons to bring Uribe back

Aubrey Huff signed a 2 year $22 million deal to come back to the Giants.  It is being reported via the internet Juan Uribe will sign a 3 year $22 million deal to go to the loss angeles dodgers.  This sounds too perfect.  Who are we to say someone is overpaid in a league that overpays all of their free agents?  We have two of the worst contracts in baseball right now:  Zito making $126 million and Rowand making $60 million.  Zito is still owed $57 million and Rowand is still owed $24 million.

Our two big free agents are Huff and Uribe.  If we bring back Huff and Uribe for $22 million each we are bringing back to two biggest thumpers in our 'thumpless' lineup.  We are bringing them back for less than what we owe Aaron Rowand.

How is that too much money?

Huff's presence in the locker room is no different than Uribe's.  He is as valuable to our Latin born players as Huff is in that locker room.

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