Friday, November 19, 2010

Saltzman Says... What can the Warriors get for nothing?

1. PG Stephen Curry
2. SG Monta Ellis
3. SF Dorrell Wright
4. PF David Lee
5. C Andris Biedrins

Unless a big trade is made, this is the starting lineup for the Golden State Warriors for the next 3 years.
All of these players are locked up for at least 3 years, and all are playing well when healthy.

6. Reggie Williams has been a bargain for the kind of offensive scorer he is.

The jury is out of rookie 7. PF Ekpe Udoh and 8. PF/C Lou Amundson because they are hurt, but they have small contracts.

9. Swingman Rodney Carney is making nothing by NBA standards, so he is worth every penny considering his ability on both ends of the floor.

Who belongs in the other three spots long term on this roster?

Jeremy Lin is signed through next year, but that doesn't guarantee him a spot on the dress list.
Jeff Adrien is a banger inside in the mold of Brandon Bass, Paul Millsap, and Craig Smith.  Is he worth keeping?
Charlie Bell is signed through next year, but hasn't made much of a contribution.  His expiring contract next year could play a big role in landing a younger player.
Dan Gadzuric, Vladimir Radmanovic, and Brandan Wright are 21' of garbage making almost $1 million a foot.

For $21 million, plus the $4 million Charlie Bell is making is plenty of money to throw at a team looking to cash in on Chris Paul or Carmelo Anthony next year.

Stephen Curry and Dorell Wright are not better than Paul or 'Melo, but are they worth waiting for just to lose out like New Jersey, Los Angeles, and Cleveland did with the LeBron, Bosh, Amare, Boozer sweepstakes.

What teams are desperate?  Orlando?  Houston?  Portland?  Philadelphia?  New York?  New Orleans?

Would Rashard Lewis be worth giving up $21 million coming off the books?
What about Vince Carter?
Gilbert Arenas?
Andre Iguodala?
Elton Brand?
Brandon Roy?
Yao Ming?
Eddy Curry?
David West?

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