Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Saltzman Says... Tejada vs Uribe

Like I assumed, the Giants did try to offer a similar contract to Juan Uribe.  They assumed they could offer a slightly lesser deal than the Dodgers and receive a "hometown" discount.  They reportedly offered a 3 year $20 million to bring him back.  Uribe was looking for at least $25 million and the Dodgers reportedly threatened to take the money off the table.  Uribe's agent took the higher offer, and Uribe is a Dodger.

Tejada, by far, is the closest player to Uribe on the open market.  Clearly, the other shortstop options don't have the power we will miss with Uribe gone.  The other part of the equation that can't be understated is the absence of Uribe in the locker room will be missed, but Tejada can and will make up for that and then some.

One thing we have learned is that the locker room is a sacred place and with guys like Renteria, Uribe, Huff, Rowand and Zito, character is worth something to the Giants.  Tejada has always been proclaimed as a fantastic teammate, and his presence in the locker room will fill the void lost by Renteria and Uribe.

As far as $6.5 million being way to much money to pay for Tejada, the team had budgeted $7 million for a SS, which means they have the money to sign whoever else they planned on bringing back.  Yes, it is too much money for what he is "worth" but you also need to remember that he is on the top of other team's list for a SS/3B this off-season.  If we didn't bring him in, someone else, i.e. San Diego, would have signed him.  We already lost Uribe in the division.  We don't need to miss out on another.

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