Thursday, December 2, 2010

When the Giants Come to Town: Miggy T is a Giant & Pat the Bat is Back

Miggy T Is a Giant and Pat the Bat Is Back
Man, the shortstop market sure revved up to warp speed after the Dodgers signed Juan Uribe. Next domino was Ned trading Theriot to St Louis for Blake Hawksworth. Blake Hawksworth? Didn't the Dodgers bullpen just get WEAKER with the addtion of Blake Hawksworth? Rumors had the Giants in on Jason Bartlett, but then it looked like the O's were starting a bidding war and Sabes must have said, "No bidding war, we're outa here!" which is exactly what he should have said!

I really like the Miggy T signing. Maybe a slight overpay but.....

1 year contract. Check!

No prospects given up. Check!

Great clubhouse guy. Check!

Popular in the local community. Check!

Tejada might not hit as many HR's as Uribe did last year, but he will hit for a higher average and will hit a few dingers too. Does not have great range, but is surehanded. Giants pitching gets a lot of K's and has strong flyball tendencies, so the defensive limitations will account for a very small number of extra runs allowed. If it doesn't work out, hey, they are only out 1 year's worth of salary. If Crawford or Adrianza come on like gangbusters, he won't be blocking them next year.

Sounds like Pat the Bat is coming back on a "discounted" 1 year deal. Again, very little risk in a 1 year deal. If used like Bochy used him last year, taking him out after his 3'rd or 4'th AB if the Giants had a lead, he could easily contribute 30 HR's while limiting his defensive liability in the field. Besides, I thought he played OK D in LF last year. The number of runs he allowed above a defensive LF was a very small number.

Next on Sabean's offseason list: Decide which of the arbitration eligible guys to tender contracts too. I'm guessing the discussions Sabes had with Fontenot's agent(who also happens to be Jeter's agent) was to try to work out a contract before the arbitration deadline because Sabes doesn't want to risk arbitration.

After the tender deadline, I think the Giants offseason is done.

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