Friday, December 17, 2010

Saltzman Says...Edgar Renteria is overreacting

For a player who was released, Edgar certainly took his time to be offended.  Edgar Renteria, the 2010 World Series MVP, is calling out the Giants for offering him $1 million to come back in a backup role in 2011.  Just 5 weeks ago, he was released by the Giants with a $500K buyout instead of re-signing him for the $10.5 million he could have made in 2011.  Now, Edgar is speaking out about his displeasure with the team.

"That offer from the Giants was a lack of respect. A total disrespect," Renteria told Thursday from Colombia.

Hey Edgar, look at it as a 3 year, $19 million deal.  With all the injuries he had through the first two seasons, I don't see the offer as too unreasonable.

Edgar made up for an injury plagued two years with one swing

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