Monday, March 28, 2011

Saltzman Says...Giants back home but who will stay

San Francisco heads home with a few answers left:

1. Where will Brandon Belt start?
The smart money says Triple-A.
A) It saves the Giants money by not starting his clock.
B) There is no rush.
C) Gives the Giants more time to look for buyer for Aaron Rowand.

2. Who goes since Rowand isn't?
Nate Schierholtz looks like he is more likely to go than Travis Ishikawa. Ishikawa has less value, which makes Schierholtz more likely to move. Either way, both may be gone when Belt comes up to the club.

3. Who is the 12th pitcher?
Guillermo Mota or Dan Runzler
Runzler has options left, which says the smart money goes to Mota. Runzler wants to be a starter, and can win the long relief job over Mota on an even playing field. However, since the team can't send Mota down without releasing him first and exposing him to the rest of the league, it makes more sense to keep Mota.

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