Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Saltzman Says... Will Sabean go to Arbitration?

Hank Schulman of The San Francisco Chronicle tweets that Javier Lopez filed for $2.875MM and Andres Torres for $2.6MM. The Giants countered with $2MM and $1.8MM, respectively.

Brian Sabean, like most GM's, don't like to let things go to arbitration.  It is messy.  You have to talk about a player you really like in the worst light possible in hopes of saving hundreds of thousands of dollars.  In a multi million dollar world, that seems unnecessary, when the money you have to spend is available to work something out with the player beforehand.

In all likliehood, Lopez and Torres will work out a deal before their hearing.  Same as with Tim Lincecum last year.  It is also possible that both Lopez and Torres could sign two year deals instead.

I could see Javier Lopez signing a 2 year $4.875 million contract.  This way they give Lopez what he wants in 2012 instead, and only have to pay him what they want in 2011.  Lopez gets more stability in a two year deal, and the Giants are in better financial shape in 2011.

Same goes for Torres.  I could see a 2 year $4.4 million deal for Torres.  Set up the same way.

Lincecum got that last year.  He played in 2010 for the amount the Giants wanted to pay him, and will play in 2011 for the money he wanted in '10.

I like it for these two mid-30's players who can clearly do two unique things for this team.  Get any left hander out, and catch any ball in centerfield, respectively.

Giants will look to avoid arbitration with Javier Lopez (pictured) and Andres Torres

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