Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saltzman Says...2011 Dunk Contest is the 2nd Worst Ever

Andre Iguodala was robbed in 2006.  It was by far the worst dunk contest ever.  Nate Robinson tried over and over and over, etc... to do a dunk where he flipped the ball through his legs, but in the end, it was a simple dunk.  Iguodala had two of the best 10 dunks ever. Period.

2011 saw Serge Ibaka get robbed almost as badly. Ibaka dunked it from the foul line further back than anyone in history and he got a 45.  Brent Barry and Dr. J. were among the judges and they didn't give 10s for a fellow free throw-dunker. That's cold.  Blake Griffin, despite all the hype, ended up doing a simple 360.  It wasn't hard at all.  The initial attempt looked incredible, but he missed it.  His 3rd attempt was simply a 360.  Nothing more.  It was a 40 at best.  He got a 49.  Everyone in L.A. wanted to see Griffin advance.  Javale McGee gets an 'A' for creativity, but an 'F' for execution.  He made a dunk on his 1st attempt, yet because he was trying to dunk on two separate hoops, he kept being allowed to try it.  The same thing happened when he tried dunking three balls.  He kept getting one or two.  It was pathetic.  Ibaka's 2nd dunk was a play on the Gerald Green birthday cupcake dunk.  He grabbed a toy Oklahoma City Thunder mascot off the rim with his teeth and dunked it.  Again, a 45.  His lips were at the rim.

Ibaka's creativity wasn't awarded at the dunk contest.

Ibaka deserved to get to the final.  He didn't, and Blake Griffin, for all the buildup, ended up winning because he jumped over the hood of a Kia.  Not a Hummer, not the top of a car.  He did a regular two handed dunk over the hood of a car.  Every single contestant in the history of the dunk contest could do that dunk.

Nate Robinson stole the title in 2006. Griffin stole it in 2011.

This was a great dunk, but Blake Griffin didn't deserve the title

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