Monday, February 14, 2011

Saltzman Says...The Trade Deadline is in Two Weeks

My Two Cents...

1.  If we are trading Monta Ellis or Stephen Curry at the deadline, we better be getting an All-Star type in return.  (Andre Iguodala, Nene, Carmelo Anthony, Gerald Wallace, etc...)  You don't give up either of your two best players unless you are getting an equally good player in return that fits better in the starting lineup.  Stop suggesting trades where we get trash in return but give up a stud.
2. If we are moving Andris Biedrins, the way he is playing, it will probably be for an equally bad contract.  Were not getting much back if we move him.
3. David Lee, Dorell Wright, and Ekpe Udoh are not going anywhere.  Lee is too expensive to move and is the best power forward we have had since Chris Webber.  Wright is at worst, one of the best 6th man in basketball, and is too valuable for how small his contract is.  Udoh is proving to be a great student of the game, is on a rookie contract, and has tremendous upside.
4. Our expirings are worthless.  Dan Gadzuric, Vladimir Radmanovic and Brandan Wright have zero value, so the only way a team takes one of them, is if they are desperate to get under the cap.  I don't know if there is that much desperation out there.

Honestly, I'd prefer to get better bench players for what we have.  Let the starting 5 continue to play together this year, and see if we can't move the three expirings and Charlie Bell.

Will Dorell Wright's all around game equal his 3 point shooting?

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