Sunday, February 20, 2011

Saltzman Says...The NFL needs to respond to Dave Duerson's actions

Dave Duerson, 50, committed suicide Thursday and has asked his family to donate his brain to Boston University.  The NFL needs to stop these talks among the owners and the players over billions of dollars in revenue, and simply wake up to the problems players face after they retire.  Whatever the players are hoping to make during their careers must be set aside for them after their careers.  Full lifetime medical insurance.  Why is that so hard to understand.  Players must be compensated for any and all health problems they have after their careers.  Owners can justify giving players less money now to guarantee them money later.  Andre Waters and Dave Duerson are just two of the most tragic stories.  The NFL has become America's game, and it owes it's players more after their careers for the success they have had.

Andre Waters and Dave Duerson are just the beginning if the NFL doesn't change it's ways

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