Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saltzman Says...Bochy and Sabean not going anywhere

The Giants have decided to keep the duo of Brian Sabean and Bruce Bochy together at least two more years.  They really had no choice.  You don't let your GM and Manager sit as lame ducks a year after winning the World Series.  Ron Wotus, Dave Righetti, Roberto Kelly and Steve Decker are all capable coaches in the system to replace Bochy, but why when all four are still with the organization.  If Kelly or Decker left to get promotions somewhere else, or if Wotus and Righetti left Bochy's bench, I could see Giants fans showing their frustration.  However, what Sabean and Bochy have done is build a wonderful staff around them and in turn made their jobs easier.  They are both experienced at dealing with the barrage of media questions, the second guessing from fans, and the stress that comes with the job.  Bill Neukom said exactly what any owner would say after winning it all last year.

“Brian and Bruce’s proven leadership and strategic moves throughout the course of their baseball careers, culminating in last year’s World Series Championship, distinguishes them as two of the best minds in all of baseball," managing general partner and CEO Bill Neukom said in a statement.

Sabean and Bochy are staying put through 2012

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